Smyrna Exhibit in Washington

Anni_SkotThe Embassy of Greece will present an extraordinary collection of works made by  award-winning Greek American visual artist Annee Spileos Scott. The exhibition, Smyrna: Longings for a Lost Motherland, will be hosted until May 9 in the Embassy’s showroom and is open to the public.

For the creation of these art works, the artist used the technique of multi-media collage by creating drawings, photographs, paintings and hagiographies.The theme of the exhibition is the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922 and the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, to mark the ninetieth anniversary of both historical events.

Annie Scott Spileos, is a first generation descendant of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. Her work delves deep into her mother’s ancestral background as she says. Her grandmother was a Greek domestic servant living in Smyrna, Asia Minor (present day Izmir,Turkey), whose employers sponsored her emigration to the United States.

Since 1988 when her parents passed away, she committed to sharing the Hellenic voice of the Asia Minor Catastrophe events.

The exhibition was also attended by Eva Papageorgiou, 94, who is also a survivor of the Asia Minor Catastrophe as she managed to escape at the very last moment before boarding along with her family a French Navy ship that headed to Athens.