Klondike Cheese Will Make Greek Yogurt

klondikeKnown for its award-winning Feta, sold under the Odyssey label, Klondike Cheese Company is now ready to enter the Greek yogurt business aiming to bring the traditional and rich in proteins flavor to its clients in an more sweetened and less tart way.

The fourth generation, family-owned business of Monroe, Wisconsin, has a background knowledge and history in the making of cheese but nevertheless got a Greek yogurt maker to teach them the tricks of the Greek-style product, as Adam Buholzer, Vice-President of the company revealed to channel3000.

With a project budget estimated at $12 million, the company will begin selling its product to food services within the following month, while customers will be able to find the new Greek yogurt product in selected grocery stores from coming June.

As Buholzer revealed, the plan is to create a product that will combine all healthy attributes and a more sweet taste, so as to appeal to more customers.  The production will initially include six different yogurt favors, but food services will be able to place their specified falvor orders in the future. “It’s been a long project, so to be finally making yogurt is very exciting,” Buholzer said to channel3000.