Kitchen Nightmares at Yanni’s, Seattle

kitchen nightmareChef Gordon Ramsey visited Yanni’s in Seattle. The restaurant has a long history of success, but has been falling apart in the last few years. The consensus among the family creating meals and serving at Yanni’s, is that the current problems stem from owner Peter’s refusal to make any sort of changes.

The Greek restaurant opened in 1984, and son Peter took over in 2007. His wife and two daughters made complaints about Peter being very oppressive and stubborn. The restaurant menu hasn’t changed very much since the ‘80s. Gorgon tried three of the day’s specials and hated them all. The female members of the family reacted to his negative criticism.

While dinner was being served, Peter yelled at his daughters for most of the night while Gordon found lots of rotten food in the kitchen. The next day, Peter didn’t stop making excuses about the bad food, but he agreed to accept Gordon’s suggestions. Peter was reluctant to reduce the big number of items on the menu, but when he saw the new interior he couldn’t help crying.

The new menu was updated by Gordon and the customers enjoyed the changes. Thanks to Kitchen Nightmares the Greek restaurant is now a success again.