Calamos Launches Thought Leadership Summit for Wealthy Families

john calamos
John Calamos, Sr

Calamos Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm uniquely positioned within Calamos Investments®*, has announced the expansion of its client networking and education programs with the launch of the Calamos Family Financial Summit.

Outstanding speakers, interactive roundtables and the opportunity for clients to network with other affluent families in an invitation only, private atmosphere will be the hallmarks of the event.

Calamos also hosts regional Building & Preserving Wealth programs and offers online thought leadership through podcasts and whitepapers. Earlier this year, the 2013 Building & Preserving Wealth program began in Illinois and Arizona, featuring presentations on the current and coming economic and tax environment.  Upcoming events will be held in Florida, Texas, Michigan, New York and Ohio.

Calamos Wealth Management pursues marketplace differentiation by delivering the personalized attention of a wealth management boutique while leveraging the vast resources, track-record, experience and intellectual capital of a global investment firm.

“Our clients continue to seek education and peer networking in a comfortable, confidential environment.  We are happy to provide that service by hosting both our summit and regional programs. Beyond reports on their investments, clients are also asking for easy-to-access current and relevant information as they try to sort through all that they read and hear on the news. Our outlooks, podcasts and whitepapers address topics that are top of mind with our clients,” states Calamos Wealth Management President, Jim Baka.

The roots of Calamos Wealth Management trace back to the difficult markets of the 1970s, when John Calamos, Sr. began investing for private clients, many of whom are still with the firm today. The son of a Greek immigrant, John grew up in Chicago, where he worked in his family’s grocery store. When he was in his teens, he became interested in investing and convinced his parents to entrust him with a portion of their hard-earned nest egg. From these early days, John understood that his investment decisions carried great responsibility. He saw firsthand the effort that went into earning this money and knew the implications of losing it.

Cara Mossington, Director of Marketing and coordinator of the client networking and education programs says, “One of the key questions pertaining to the next generation becomes, ‘You have prepared the wealth for your children, but have you prepared your children for the wealth?’” adding, “The implications of family wealth goes far beyond the monetary impact. It’s a valuable service to provide peer to peer networking and education in a confidential environment to families of great affluence who often have little opportunity to open up about their wealth and the impact it has on their family.”

The summit features comments by John Calamos, Sr., as well as, speakers from some of the most prominent families in the nation who will share their own stories of success, failure and lessons learned.

Summit speaker Christopher Kennedy Lawford, a best-selling author, actor, and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations states, “The next generation should be informed, wise stewards of their tangible and intangible assets. Take the time to teach them about the value of a dollar, their genetic inheritance, as well as their family legacy.  I am happy to be a part of the event.”

Topics will range from “Impact Investing” to “Net Worth vs. Self Worth” giving clients the chance to consider and discuss opportunities and issues surrounding family wealth and legacy preservation.   Breakout sessions will provide options including real estate investing, insurance best practices and Investing 101.