Papathanasiou Film Wins Seattle Festival

hindu kushThe Nymphs of Hindu Kush, directed by Anneta Papathanasiou, won the first place prize at the first South Asian International Documentary Festival in Seattle, Washington that was held on Feb. 23-24.

The documentary was also nominated for the best documentary-award at the Sichuan TV Festival of China, and has participated in major film events in India, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and Austria.

The story line goes this way: in the mountains of Hindu Kush, in Pakistan, among 165 million Muslims, unfolds the unique story of 4,000 Kalasha, an ancient pagan tribe that worships nymphs, gods and fairies. The Kalasha women are strong, lovable and, oddly enough, free.

Athanassios Lerounis, the President of the Greek Volunteers NGO who organizes developmental and educational projects in the region, is kidnapped by the Taliban. His abduction fills the Kalasha women with insecurity and fear. How will they cope with this? The film focuses on the women of the Kalasha tribe, struggling to maintain their own culture in the face of encroaching globalization.