Greek-Austrian Designer Debuts Lingerie Line for ASOS

mschwab_asos_v_23jan13_pr_b_426x639Greek-Austrian designer Marios Schwab, who has created high-fashion apparel, including gorgeous Grecian inspired sandals, has branched out to lingerie for the popular ASOS website.

The collection, Kallisti, which launches this fall, is the first time Schwab is designing undergarments and he plans to expand the line every year over the next few years. He first showcased the lingerie during London Fashion Week this past September. Kallisti features sheer materials and intricate detailing on both bras and panties for women.

“This project has enabled me to go back to my creative history with my dad and bring forward traditional aesthetical designs,” Schwab told Vogue in a recent interview. “I have enjoyed the challenge that this project has brought to the business.”

Schwab’s familiarity with women’s undergarments comes from his Austrian father, a brassiere engineer. His Greek mother was a topographer. Born in Athens, he later took up shop in London, where he bases his fashion line. He has dressed many celebrities, including Christina Ricci, Jessica Alba and Demi Moore.

To browse the Kallisti collection, visit

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