Tsiaras Visualizes Conception to Birth

Tsiaras-200x156The Head of Scientific Visualization of Yale University School of Medicine, Alexandros Tsiaras, assisted by new technology, has created an impressive video that shows fetal development from conception to birth.

Watch in nine minutes what happens during pregnancy from the moment the egg is fertilized to the time the baby is ready to be born. See an incredible visualization created by Greek professor Alexandros Tsiaras, showing how the cells are divided to create the brain, eyes, hands, genitals, and how the baby comes out and flicks its legs to help the mother in extrusions.

The video was created through high technology and displays images of how the heart is in the first 25 days and how it is shaped within nine months. The capillaries of the body can be seen, the shaping and growth of the brain.

A few years ago, NASA was interested in Tsiaras’ work and asked him to create a program of algorithms depicting the human body and how it can operate in space conditions.


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