Tsipras Campaigns in Washington, New York

tsipras_USAThe leader of Greece’s major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) party, Alexis Tsipras, is set to meet State Department and International Monetary Fund officials, members of Congress, analysts and academics in Washington and New York, between Jan. 22-25.

Tsipras’ address is on Greece and the Future Economic Challenges where it is expected he will concentrate on the economic and social outlooks of Greece and the relations between Greece and Europe during a crushing economic crisis and the accompanying austerity measures his party opposes.

He is expected to talk about the role that the U.S. could play if they were to help both Greece and Europe deal with the current economic crisis although he is vehemently against the austerity measures attached to bailouts that are all that’s keeping Greece from going bankrupt. He said he wants to scrap the terms, not fire any Greek workers nor reduce spending but offered no solutions on how that could be done.

Tsipras will head a delegation, that includes economists George Stathakis and John Milios, the party’s foreign relations director Rena Dourou, and the Director of his political office Nikos Pappas. William Antholis, a noted Greek-American who is the  Brookings  institution’s Managing Director and a senior fellow in Governance Studies, is going to make preliminary remarks and debate with Tsipras.

After his visit to Washington, Tsipras will travel in New York, where he is going to give speeches at Columbia University, The City University of New York and attend gatherings of Greeks of the Diaspora on Jan. 24 and Jan. 25. He is expected to meet U.S. politicians, journalists and analysts, as well.


  1. The Brookings institution writes anti-greek rhetoric and has been a long time supporter the Skopians (while pretending not to notice their irredentism and sudden change into “ancient Macedonians”. I would also point out the US would never take American communists seriously. They are just manipulating our communists morons to push their own agenda.

    No mention of this by our alleged allies in the US……

    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
    “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
    unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
    Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
    Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

  2. Just one more point on the brooking institute.. they backed that crackhead pseudo-historian Loring Danforth’s book (which was a single sided rant against Greeks of carefully selected sources … including outright crackpots like Martin Bernal’s “Black Athena”)

    Today they dishoenstly pretend not to notice the Skopians sudden change away from Slavs into “ancient Macedonians” .

    The Brooking’s Institute are left but left in America is mostly like our right. They would never support American communists (as they would be instantly be written off as crackpots in the US) but they work with communists like Tsipiras because they know they manipulate communist to push their agenda to turn the Balkans into US style muti-ethnic states. (that can at the expense of wiping out indigenous people and stripping whatever was left of their homelands)

    In short, patronizing Greek hating cockroaches trying to delete our very identity.

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