Biden Meets Diaspora in Washington

915243Vice-President Joe Biden, who was sworn in for the second time, also attended a Greek-American event organized in Washington D.C. during the second inauguration festivities for President Barack Obama.

Biden spoke highly of the Greek Diaspora’s contribution to the growth and development of the U.S. over the years, while he also complimented Archbishop Demetrios of America for his work and ethos.

Three prominent Greek-American businessmen and funders of the Democratic Party, James Tsanos, George Tsounis and Dennis Mill were honored during the event. Besides Biden, the event was also attended by Archbishop Demetrios, the three honorees, former Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Senator Charles Schumer and other Congress members.

Archbishop Demetrios will be among the dignitaries attending the official ceremonies from the Presidential platform at the U.S. Capitol and immediately after will attend the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Luncheon and deliver the benediction. Additionally, he was invited to participate in the National Inaugural Prayer Service to be held the day after the inauguration, Jan. 22 in the National Cathedral.


  1. Only trust Democrats if they take action against FYROM by supporting retraction of recognition of FYROM and publicly denounce their behavior (rather than obama that looked the other way). Otherwise support Republicans. They are pretty straight forward. They are unprincipled manipulators motivated purely by self-interest. They will support any cause as long as your support their own. Give them what they want, and they would sell their own mothers just like the “protects of western civilization” betrayed Greece.

    Case in point…

    “This (US) Government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
    “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
    unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
    Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
    Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)


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