Avrami Dances Her Way to New York

a1ee1f511f8cd37205d86a55b8db75f1Alexandra Avrami, a 23-year-old woman from Giannitsa, Greece, had her once distant dream coming finally true after being accepted at one of the leading classical ballet companies of the world. The young Greek ballet dancer is considered as one of the major classical ballet dancers in the USA where she lives and works.

Avrami was selected among a huge field of candidates and studied at the American Ballet Theatre of New York, while she also successfully completed her studies at the Joffrey Ballet School. “I could never believe I would live this. It’s a lifetime dream that came true. My sister asked me years ago whether I would want to dance one day in New York. I told her yes back then but I knew it was practically impossible. You only stand one chance in a million. And yet, it all happened,” she told the ANA-MPA agency.

For the Greek ballet dancer, dancing is all about emotions, giving words and motions to music. Her sister, Evangelia, who is also Avrami’s manager, added that Alexandra used to dress up as a ballerina when younger and dance along to musical playing on TV. Avrami began dancing at the young age of four and also studied Sports Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She pursued her dancing studies simultaneously with her university degree and got her degree as a dance teacher from the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

Avrami has already worked with prominent choreographers and has danced in many stages both in Greece and abroad. Moreover, she was the model for a photo exhibition entitled Tabula Rasa conducted by an American artist interested in taking pictures of dancers. Her life away from her country and her family may be difficult right now, but Avrami said she’s determined to continue her hard work and improve herself as much as possible.