Petrocheilos Top Cystic Fibrosis FundRaiser

On  December 4, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation honored 35-and-upcoming leaders in the Baltimore area for their success in business and community involvement, at the annual 35 Under 35 Finest Event. The reception took place at the historic Baltimore Museum of Industry and more than 200 people attended.

George Petrocheilos, 21, who is still a student at the Johns Hopkins University, was among the honorees, and apparently the youngest person to ever receive this recognition, as well as the first Greek national. His civic leadership and tireless fundraising efforts for several charities and start-up companies played a significant role in winning the 35 Under 35 Award.

Petrocheilos won another recognition for top fundraiser, surpassing the expected minimum of $2,500 intended to go directly to CF research, by achieving the sum of $12,500. Among the people who supported George’s campaign were: Baltimore Orioles owner and lawyer Peter G. Angelos, former Secretary of Business & Economic Development Aris Melissaratos, New York based shipowner, George M. Logothetis of the Libra Group, Donn Weinberg via the Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, former Aether Systems boss Dave Oros, former CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investments Group, Todd Ruppert, A&R Development owner, Theo C. Rogers, Nikos Mouyiaris of Mana Products, John Korologos of the Double T. Diners, Michael Cryor of The Cryor Group and Eleni Marketis of Marketis Enterprises.

When Mac Tisdale –the event’s MC and former President of SunTrust Bank called George up on the stage for the second time he said:  ‘‘… you all know him as George Petrocheilos, but we call him King George!’’. Then it was George’s turn to speak: He was very brief, thanking all those who donated to his campaign, all the guests, as well as the CFF staff who put the event together. He also thanked Katharine Scrivener, a cystic fibrosis survivor for her ‘‘amazing and moving’’ speech.

‘‘I ‘d like to dedicate this award to my mother who I love and is 5,000 miles away tonight, to Aris Melissaratos, who is inspiring me daily, and to every cystic fibrosis patient. And I am telling you, we will find the cure!’’, Petrocheilos said in an interview right after the event.