CNN: Greece's Disappearing Middle Class

The CNN reportage about Greece’s disappearing middle class is included among October’s most popular videos, which show how the financial crisis and the austerity measures are turning Greece’s middle class into newly-poor.

The video shows the everyday life of Greeks who used to be well-off, but within two years had their lives ruined. An example is a widow, former nurse, struggling to live on a 200 euro allowance. The reporter also shows the 7-member family trying to get through the daily agony of putting food in their empty refrigerator. The reportage focuses on solidarity and charity, which compose a temporary shelter for all these families.

According to recent research, over 900,000 families are facing poverty. In total, 2,341,400 people are living below poverty line. Greece ranks second in Europe in the poverty rate, following Bulgaria.


  1. This is coming to America. It is the overall Socialist/unProgressive plan for the majority of people to be dependant on government. It is easier to manage thinks that way.

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