N.Y. Solidarity Rally for Greek, European Workers

As a part of the November 14 Mobilizations, a demonstration of solidarity to employees working in Greece and other European countries suffering economic problems place in New York City.

Fewer than 100 people gathered in front of the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations, with representatives of the Greek-American community, labor groups, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, the Greek-American Left Movement/Aristeri Kinisi, and Occupy Astoria /LIC, to “support Greece and European Workers’ General Strike,” they said.

The organizers of this action – the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Greek-American Left Movement (Aristeri Kinisi) of New York, educators, labor and immigrant rights groups – invited U.S., Greek, international, alternative and local Greek-language media to speak about allegations of torture against anti-government protesters by the Greek police and the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party accused of attacking immigrants.

They said: “Harsh austerity measures have created an economic and social disaster that affects tens of millions across Europe. Greece, Portugal and Spain are particularly hard-hit.” They added that, “The Greek government is to be condemned for passing vicious cuts in living standards, anti-labor laws, giving away public land and property to private speculators and for human rights violations, including the torture of protesters … what happens in Greece and Europe today is of concern to all of us as we face the prospect of further austerity, inequality, unemployment and budget cuts here in the US as well,” they added.