Study Competition for Epirotes Abroad

The World Council of Epirotes Abroad (WCEA) is launching a tendering procedure on a detailed report of a study regarding the History, Education and Culture of Epirotes who migrated to America.

Those interested have to fill an application form and curriculum vitae within 45 days. The candidates are required to go to the U.S. to conduct their research, according to an announcement published by the World Council of Epirotes Abroad. Within a year there will be an assessment on the researchers’ work so as to renew their cooperation contract.

The candidates must hold a doctoral or university degree, be a Greek citizen or come from Greece, preferably from Epirus.

For more information, contact World Council of Epirotes Abroad Press Office at: c/o Spyros Kostadimas, Oberstr. 117. 51149 KOELN –Germany, or at: +49 (0) 220314357 , mobile phone.: +49 (0) 171 5374527, fax:+49(0)3222 375 195 6. Also at:  [email protected]



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