Greek Gods, Myths and Mortals in Baltimore

Port Discovery Childrens’ Musuem in Baltimore will be hosting Gods, Myths And Mortals: Discover Ancient Greece until Jan. 13, 2013, presenting its  visitors with a unique mythology based exhibit that transports them back to the bedrock of western civilization.

Created by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, this visiting exhibition invites visitors of all ages to meet the gods, experience ancient Greek daily life and interact with the epic poem The Odyssey through more than 25 engaging interactive components. Children (ages 6 years and older) can:

  • Climb inside a 13-foot tall Trojan Horse
  • Play 20 Questions with Aristotle
  • Weave textiles on a vertical loom
  • Sing karaoke in the Sirens’ Cove
  • Explore the Cyclops’ Cave
  • Dress up in ancient Greek style clothing
  • Play interactive computer games at the Hero Station

Gods, Myths and Mortals: Discover Ancient Greece was produced by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan with support from the JohnP. Calamos Foundation, the Jaharis Family Foundation, National Endownment for the Humanities, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs through the Office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Stavros S. Niachos Foundation.