Atlanta Greek Festival Speeds Up With iPads

The 37th Atlanta Greek Festival is aiming to attract visitors from the metro Atlanta area with Greek food as well as drinks, festivities and fun. Cashiers this year will be using iPads to keep tabs and speed the lines.

According to Neighbour Newspapers, the Chairman of the Festival, Sandy Papadopoulos said: “We traditionally have a lot of lines everywhere and this is something we’re trying integrate – a one-stop shop scenario where you would just buy your food and drinks and you wouldn’t have to buy tickets, just pay by credit card or cash go and enjoy the festival”.

Other offerings include the sports tavern where visitors will have the chance to watch all of the football games. They will, also, be able to taste new wines and ouzo. Father Paul Kaplanis said: “The property is kind of bouncing those days and I love seeing the people in our community working together because it takes about 700 to 800 volunteers to do this.” There will also, of course, be plenty of Greek dancing.