Greek Deputy MFA: "American Election Does not Affect Greece"

Constantinos Tsiaras Greek Deputy Foreign Minister

Greek Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Tsiaras, spoke exclusively to Greek Reporter about the impact of American Elections in Greece and the purpose of his recent trip to the U.S.A.

“I cannot comment on the American election, this is something that concerns only the people of the USA” said Tsiaras.

However, a lot has been said about how the American Election will affect Greece, and the different candidates’ platforms include different plans for Greece. Many experts suggest that a Greek default may cost Obama his re-election, while Mitt Romney’s commentary often depicts Greece as the black sheep of world economy.

When Minister Tsiaras was asked about the impact that the result of the American election may have on Greece, he said that the American election does not affect Greece, nor is the election is something that concerns the Greek government.

Watch the interview below:


The Minister also addressed the need for the “Organization for Greeks Abroad” (SAE in Greek) to be reformed and become fully functional under a new operational model.

“This new SAE can also play a part in the voting process for Greeks abroad, something that this new government has plans to implement.”

Mr. Tsiaras continues his tour of the US in Chicago and New York, where he will participate together with the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs in the U.N. general assembly.