Sophia Amoruso’s Clothing Hobby Makes Her Rich

Greek-American Sophia Amoruso, 28, a San Francisco native, has been described as a phenom by international media because she managed to earn millions per year by turning her hobby into a business.

Founder of the Nasty Gal company, Amoruso, re-sells trendy clothing online that she dresses up with her own designs and is branching out into designing under her own label called Weird Science. Nasty Gal had sales amounting to $128 million this year, with little advertising and nearly no discounting. Instead, Amoruso has built a brand on the backs of Instagram, ­Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, and translated “likes” into sales.

A quarter of Nasty Gal’s 250,000 customers visit the site once a day for at least seven minutes, writes Forbes magazine. Her successful and lucrative story begins when she first posted a second-hand Chanel jacket on e-Bay. She had bought it for $9.99  and ended up selling it for $1,100. After a year and half on eBay, Amoruso had 30,000 “friends” on MySpace, and earned $20,000.

“My philosophy is that you sell things for more than you bought them,” says Amoruso. While she is not a college graduate, she said she knew from a very early age that she would run her own company someday. “I’ve never seen someone work for a salary,” explains Amoruso. Apparently, entrepreneurial blood courses through her Greek-American family. Her grandfathers ran a motel and a piano shop, while her father sold mortgage loans, and her mother sold houses.

“The web offers you the opportunity to pretend to be anything you want. It’s the beauty of it. But people figure out pretty quick if you don’t live up to it,” concludes Amoruso who obviously lived up to it!

(Source:, Forbes)