Seattle’s Top 10 Greek Restaurants

A famous Seattle blog released a Top 10 Seattle Greek restaurant list. The writer appeared really enthusiastic about the Greek cuisine. The article refers to restaurants where eaters with a hankering for flaming cheese and moussaka can express their Hellenic allegiances. The order is arbitrary:

10. Myconos Greek Grill

9. Byzantion

8. First Hill Bar and Grill

7. Santorini Greek Hill

6. Georgia’s Greek Deli

5. Continental Greek Restaurant and Pastry Shop

4. Tavrna Mazi

3. Panos Greek Taverna Kleftiko

2. Kokoras Greek Grill

1. Plaka  Estiatorio

The quality of the food here, unlike all those ancient Greek deities, is not a myth, notes the writer.

Source: seattleweeklyblogspot