Children of Hercules Presented by Euripides Free Summer Festival

NEW YORK – The Euripides Summer Festival of New York was to feature the play, Children of Hercules, play written by renowned ancient Greek writer Euripides,  at the festival’s premiere on August 7 in Manhattan.

Stephen Diacrussi, founder of the American Thymele Theatre, will direct the performances which will be held August 7-8 at the East River Park Amphitheatre, August 9 at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park and August 11 at Theatre 500 in the Times Square Arts Center.

The cast of 25 is headed by Michael Raimondi  as Iolaus, Stephen Powell as herald Copreus, Diana Swinburne as Alcmena, Tara Bancroft as virgin Macaria and David Bushman as the chorus leader.

“Because Hercules survived death after performing his famous 12 Labors, Eurystheus wants to kill Hercules’ children, believing they pose a threat to his throne. They are political refugees in Athens, along with their mother Alcmena and Iolaus, a relative and friend of Hercules. After the pronouncement of an oracle, it is learned that Athens will only be safe in giving refuge if a maiden of noble birth is sacrificed,” officials of the festival explain.

“Hercules’ daughter Macaria offers herself so that her family can remain free in Athens. Although he is old, Iolaus insists on going to battle against Eurystheus and succeeds in capturing him. Now a prisoner of war, Eurystheus cannot be put to death under Athenian law, but he is determined to be remembered as a protector of Athens. He reveals an old prophecy: that his spirit will protect Athens and Hercules’ descendants forever, emphasizing Athens’ democratic and just treatment of foreign nationals.”The aim of the American Thymele Theatre has been since its establishment in 1993 that Greek culture and its values be promoted abroad. The performance is free of charge and hundreds of Greek-Americans as well American culture-lovers are expected to attend the performances.