CNN Report: How Crisis Affects Greek Athletes

According to a CNN report, the financial crisis has affected Greek athletes a lot. Their London track records appear to be far worse than Greek team’s past performances in the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games.

CNN correspondent from Greece, Mrs Elinda Lambropoulou, stressed the fact that crisis has been a hard blow for Greek athletes. As a result, the Greek Olympic mission includes much less athletes than in the past two Olympics in 2004 and 2008. More specifically, it is the smallest mission that Greece has had over the past twenty years.

The report, entitled “Greek crisis sours London Games,” made a reference to the psychological impact that crisis may have on athletes as well. “Especially now that the country is facing so many difficulties, sports is the last thing for anyone to think about,” commented the host of the show.

During the correspondence, CNN reporter mentioned high cuts in athletes’ payment and said that they received half the amount of money they received in 2008 to cover their expenses while in London. Moreover, they added that Greek athletes have great gaps in training equipment due to the crisis.

Greek-American Olympic athlete Tina Kefalas is a typical example of this negative aspect of sports in Greece. Read her personal experience by following this link:

(Source: CNN, news247)


  1. With respect while money is the issue there are greater issues here and I have seen them at first hand. I obtained my Olympic certification as a weightlifting coach in Australia in 1990. I have attended world comps, Olympics and Commonwealth games in a minor capacity. And I have seen at first hand how some amazing athletes, male and female, from the Hellenic Republic were deliberately ignored by coaches who focused on one solitary athlete. In one world comp there could very easily have been three Hellenic world champions but the three coaches all looked after the same one athlete who did win. Attitudes need to change far more than money. Just look at some of the African nations and how they have shot past Hellas.

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