Aravella Simotas Talks About the 25th Hellenic News of America Anniversary

Photo Courtesy of New York State Assembly

On Friday, August 3, 2012, Markos Papadatos spoke with Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, who works in the 36th Assembly District in Astoria, New York. She is expected to be a part of the upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary of the Hellenic News of America (HNA). “I am honored to take part in this anniversary. Since 1987, the HNA has played such a vital role in preserving our common heritage and developing communication within our communities. Through the years, the efforts of HNA have helped document our vibrant history, celebrate the contributions of Hellenic Americans, and promote the common values that continue to tie us together. HNA supports our youth through the Hermes Young Professionals Initiative and the scholarship committee to advance the education of young Greek-Americans. It is wonderful to celebrate this milestone, reflect on the progress of our community and continue to work for the advancement of our young people,” she stated.

Ms. Simotas continued, “Now more than ever it is important for the Greek-American press to unite us, keep our traditions alive, and spread awareness of the pertinent issues facing our community today. In these challenging times, HNA advocates for causes important to the Greek community and preserves our shared Hellenic identity. HNA keeps its readers informed on the news affecting our community and maintains social and cultural bonds between us.”

Ms. Simotas noted that the future of the Greek-American community here in the United States remains very bright. “Our community continues to produce a growing number of business leaders, elected officials, professionals and educators who will carry on the Hellenic traditions and ideals that the entire world respects. These include innovation, philanthropy, devotion to our culture and religion and above all, community service,” she remarked.

“As Greece struggles through this time of financial crisis, it is important to recognize that the best of Greece is not in the past but will be discovered in the future. The history of our community that HNA has documented through the years illustrates the unwavering spirit of the Greek people which will prevail over this adversity and allow the next generation to continue to build upon our proud history,” Ms. Simotas concluded.