John Calamos of Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum Tries to Make the World See the Contributions of Greek-Americans Abroad

John Calamos is a successful businessman of Greek heritage. He founded Calamos Asset Management in 1977 and since then, he excels in the money management and investment sectors in the USA.

Talking to, he commented his position as chairman of the board of trustees in the Chicago-based National Hellenic Museum as well his homeland’s difficult financial situation.

Officials of the NHS are trying hard to “tell stories of Greek immigrants rising above adversity.” Asset manager John Calamos stresses that the Museum plays an important role in improving the image of Greeks abroad. He said that they [officials of the Museum] must at least try to neutralize this impression.

Although the Museum offers great Hellenism-focused events for both kids and adults in Chicago, John Calamos and other representatives have set a bigger goal- they want it to have a national presence with regards to fundraising and support.

The NHS museum hosts exhibitions showing the history of Greeks in America. “That’s not complete yet. That’s what we’re working on doing,” said Calamos of exhibits planned for the museum. Right now, the museum has interactive exhibits, a children’s education center, a research library, an oral history center and a gift shop. Taking into consideration it opened its gates only a year ago, in 2011, all these events and exhibitions prove the Museum officials’ passion to promote Hellenism in the USA.

“We want to look at the contributions of Greek-Americans in the United States and other parts of the world,” concluded Mr. Calamos, “we want the world to see that.”


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