Olympic Committee Demands Greek "Olympic Gyro" Restaurant to Be Renamed

A strange but legal decision was made by the US Olympic Committee. “Olympic Gyro” stand is located at Philadelphia’s historic Reading Terminal Market for over three decades, but it now must change its name, demands the American Committee.

According to the letter they sent to owner of the restaurant, the Greek eatery stand must, besides removing the word “Olympic” from its sign, stop using the interlocked-rings logo as well.

The USOC says that they own the rights to the word Olympic under a 1978 law and that Athens Voulgaridis, owner of the restaurant of Greek descent, is violating this law.

However, Mr Voulgaridis commented that the Committee gave him one year time to do all necessary changes. He adds that he is not going to fight the Committee. On the contrary, he will just rename his business, reports philly.com.