Greek-American Aliki Theofilopoulos Talks About her Job at Walt Disney

Under every stone lurks a Greek,  people usually say and it might be partly correct. Walt Disney is a major cartoon company with million fans all over the world. As is typical, there’s a Greek working for this Walt Disney, too!

Aliki Theofilopoulos gave an interview to and explained everything concerning her work. She comes from San Diego but lives in Los Angeles. She has created her own cartoons, she loves her job and she’s Greek.

Mrs Theofilopoulos said she moved to L.A. after gradutating from the University of Southern California with a Fine Arts degree. She took several animation-focused classes at various little schools around Los Angeles and her big day came when she, along with other students, presented their work for the Disney studio executives.

A training internship at Walt Disney Feature Animation followed the presentation, and she worked there for seven years on films like Hercules, Tarzan and Treasure Planet.

Later, she ‘moved’ to television company Nickelodeon. It was the period of time when she also created two original stories called “Yaki and Yumi” and “Girls on the GO!” Then, came her work on Disney’s “Phineas and Ferb”, with Theofilopoulos participating as a writer, a story artist as well providing the voice for a character of the cartoon and writing songs as well. She comments, however, that “nothing excites me more than working out a story and breathing life into an idea.”

But, when asked if there is anything about her job that she does not like, she jokes about her writing partner’s love for thrash metal music. What’s Aliki’s reaction to this, you wonder? She starts singing the Greek National Anthem as loud as she can!

Her biggest dream is to produce an original animated series of her own, but she also advises young people following this career to take this most important step to succeed- “draw, draw, draw and draw some more,” she concludes.

[Artwork Copyright Aliki Theofilopoulos]