George Maragos Finishes 3rd- W. Long Wins the NY Primary for Senate

George Maragos of Greek origin ran for US Senate 2012 but failed to attract many Republican voters to support him in the June 26th election, according to the latest results.

The Greek American is the elected Nassau County Comptroller, while previously, he had been working for 35 years with leading organizations in banking, consulting and information systems, including founding and guiding a successful Wall Street financial technology services company.

He participated in the June 26th election to “restore economic growth and enable the creation of good paying private sector jobs” but so far, Manhattan attorney Wendy Long appears to have won New York’s Republican Senate primary. US Republican Bob Turner follows Long while Mr Maragos comes last in the primary election. More specifically, with 92% of precincts reporting, Long gets 51% of the vote, compared to 36% for Turner and 13% for Maragos.

Long will probably take on Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the November general election.

Maragos declared his candidacy more than a year ago but failed to be significantly supported by other GOP party members. He also commented low turnout in the election marking it as “disappointing” as he thought that “Republicans would show some more interest in it.”


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