IAGTM: English Words Originated From Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey (Part 2)

Hera's coinThree new words for you today:

The word Humor comes from Himor (juicy or someone who is happy or excited; Gr: χυμόρ;), originated from the word Himos (Juice; Gr: χυμός;) in Euboean Dialect (Gr: ευβοϊκή διάλεκτο;). First found on Plato’s Kratylos (Gr: Κρατύλος του Πλάτωνος;) where the final sigma (s; Gr: σ, ς ) is pronounced as r (Gr: ρ;)

The word Marmelade comes from the Latin Melimelum that originates from the Greek Melimilon (Gr: μελίμηλον;). The word Melimilon (Gr: μελίμηλον;) is a complex word from Meli (Honey; Gr: Μέλι;) and Milo (Apple; Gr: Μήλο;) that literally means quince. Probably because its believed that the first marmelades were made out of quince.

The word Money comes from the Latin Moneta. The goddess Moneta was created under the influence of Mnemosyne (Gr: Μνημοσύνη;), The only other name for Godess Hera (Gr: Ήρα; Latin: Juno;) the goddess of memory, Zeus wife and the mother of the Muses. The goddess’s name is derived from Latin monēre (which means to remind, warn, or instruct). Outside the temple of Hera in Rome was the mint and the coins had Hera’s face on them (monetae) before the Roman Caesars and Emperors decided to put their own.

Until next time, with more words originated from ancient Greek.