Archbishop Demetrios of America Visits WTC to See Ground for Restored St. Nicholas Church

Occasioned by the soon-to-be-expected re-building of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas in lower Manhattan, Archbishop of America Demetrios visited the area where the Twin Towers, known as the World Trade Center, while a bit earlier, he had met with those in charge for the reconstruction of structures at “Ground Zero.”

“The new World Trade Center of New York will not be completed until the erection of the St Nicholas Church,” said the new executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Patrick J. Foye, during his meeting with Demetrios, officers of the archdiocese and the community of St Nicholas. The meeting took place at the office of Steven Place, the general supervisor overseeing construction at the site.

The Archdiocese of America announced that there was a detailed presentation of plans and most construction works were in progress, with emphasis posed on the position and the design of the reconstruction of St Nicholas and the surrounding area. Architectural designs and models of 3D models of the area were also presented.

Archbishop Demetrios talked with gratitude about governor of New York state Andrew Cuomo, who in his words “played a significant role”  in overcoming the obstacles surrounding the construction of the Orthodox Church, the only one church destroyed by the 9/11 attacks.

The St Nicholas Church will be constructed opposite the memorial of the victims of  September 11th and is estimated that, once completed along with functioning subway stations, the Church will host an almost 250,000 visitors per day.