Old Olympic Air Plane Turned into Oregon Home

What’s the connection between an old Greek Olympic airplane and Oregon? The answer is not a new business deal, as we would expect but more for “living” reasons. An American has turned a Boeing into a house thanks to his love for the airplanes.

Bruce Campbell, whose story was broadcast by CNN TV, bought the old Boeing 727 of the Olympic Air and parked it in the middle of a forest. The pictures make it seem a plane is hidden or has landed among the high trees.

Campbell, who works hard to make it a comfortable home, is trying to turn it into his dreamhouse. He has already removed most seats and has renovated the toilet. His work needs much more time to be completed but he says it is not in haste.

His purpose is to open the road for other airplane-lovers, as well, who would be willing to own their own “plane-house.”

“Why should old airplanes go rot instead of becoming houses?,” says the American pioneer.