Campaign Calls on Greeks Outside of the Country to Support Their Homeland

This is the third year that the weekly newspaper Greek News is running the campaign “This summer we are going to Greece. The least we can do for our homeland.”

The New York-based paper reports that, “In a period of intense political volatility for our homeland where its image in the U.S. and in all international media has been at its [worst], we launch today the Third Campaign for Greek Tourism.”

They say they love Greece and they “support it at this difficult time, as a duty to our compatriots who, for three years now, are desperately looking for some faint ray of light.”

Publisher and editor of the newspaper, Apostolos Zoupaniotis, commented that they avoided asking for statements from Greek political figures on purpose. “Their credibility is so minimal by their complete inability to agree even on an issue (let alone on government), that their invitation to Greek Americans would probably have brought the opposite result,” he continues.

However, he promises that until the end of the campaign on July 23, they will call distinguished heads of the Greek American Community and Philhellenes to support our home country, adding that Greece’s natural beauty has been turned into its greatest enemy.

“This year’s campaign coincides with the launch of the campaign of the organization of the Greek American restaurateurs ‘Pan Gregorian,’ who in cooperation with the organization ‘Alliance for Greece’ and 20 known Greek artists, printed millions of placemats which will be distributed to 3,500 Greek-owned restaurants in the eastern U.S.,” says the paper.

The Greek American journalist stresses the need for everyone to support Greece by any means since this year’s bookings show a significant fall because tourists are afraid of the financial crisis and its potential social upheaval.