Greek Pontian Flag Proudly Waved in Manhattan

Pontian Hellenists honored their past all across the world on May 19. Greek-Pontians fight for the international recognition of the historical tragedy that marked their ancestors. They demand that truth be restored, that ethical justice be finally served. That’s the message the Greek-Pontian associations sent in the Metropolitan region of New York two days ago with the humble and emotional ceremony they held in Bowling Green, Manhattan, where they waved their flag.

The Greek General Consul in New York, Giorgos Eliopoulos, the President of the Pan-Pontian Federation of USA-Canada, Dimitris Molohidis, and other representatives of Greek associations in the US referred to the importance and deeper meaning of the tragic anniversary.

Meanwhile, the remarkable documentary “The Traces of the Argonauts” was officially presented in the US for the first time. The project is a result of research on archives in Istanbul and the Vatican, dedicated to the history and culture of Pontos. The Pontian genocide, including numerous testimonies and scientific studies, are in the documentary.

The 60-minute documentary was presented by PhD candidate of Modern History from Western Macedonia University, Theodosis Kyriakides, who was also in charge of the research and scientific editing of the documentary.

“The Traces of the Argonauts” is the first purely scientific and research-based documentary dedicated to the history and culture of Pontus.