American Undergrad to Help Excavate Ancient Gournia on Crete

Jennifer Miraldi is a junior Classics major at Austin Peay State University in the USA, and she is thrilled about ancient Greece.

Many of her classmates will be jealous when they read that she is participating in an upcoming excavation on the island of Crete this summer.

Gournia is the type of place which looks like paradise to archaeologists because it dates back to the Minoan Period. In about 2000 to 1500 B.C., the Thera volcano erupted, and archaeologists realized the implication it had on Crete as well as in Egypt and the surrounding area.

Dr. Tim Winters, professor at the APSU, knew about his student’s interest in the area. Miraldi visited Gournia last summer, during an education trip in Greece. So, when Dr. Winters’ friend and colleague, Dr. John Younger, informed him that he was planning to start an excavation on Crete, he did not hesitate to ask if there was a place open for his student.

This summer, Miraldi will spend about two months in Gournia, digging in the trenches and learning how to wash pottery and how to classify them. It seems a perfect opportunity for the young woman. Apart from personal experience, she will also be provided with a letter of recommendation and professional experience, which will be important and useful for her career and studies.

The archaeological team, including Miraldi and three more students, will arrive in Greece on June 15 and will travel back to the USA on July 30.


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