Church TV Channel 4E Broadcasts in the USA and Canada

Orthodox Church TV Channel 4E, based in Thessaloniki, broadcasts now across the USA and Canada via satellite Home2Us transmission. The TV channel will broadcast in full, 24 hours per day as it does in Greece.

Channel 4E was founded in 1993 in order to present Orthodox programmes, including live Church services, in almost every part of the world. Via HellasSat, Orthodox people watch the channel’s programs all over Greece, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

“It is a religious-themed channel and is the first television channel in the world dedicated to the Greek Orthodox faith. It aims at the spiritual betterment of the modern man and the promotion of religious beliefs and hellenistic values,” say the people in charge of 4E.

Among the many programs on the TV station, there is also live streaming possibility so that Orthodox Greeks from all over the world feel closer to each other.


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