"Independent Greeks" Heads to the USA

The impending elections in Greece are not only followed by voters and vote seekers in Greece, but also in every country that the Hellenic Diaspora lives.

“Independent Greeks,” a recently founded party, plans to visit New York. On Saturday April 7, Deputy Elena Kountoura will deliver a speech to Greek expatriates at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn. Her aim is to present the main beliefs and strategies of the party.

Panagiotis Kammenos, member of the “Independent Greeks,” didn’t manage to make the trip due to political commitments in Greece. But he will be participating in Kountoura’s speech, by Skype-ing from Crete in order to express his point of view as well.

Kountoura plans to visit Greek communities to present the party’s views – Chicago and California are some of her planned stops. She has a very busy schedule during her trip, giving interviews to local Greek radio stations and newspapers. Kountoura has said that Kammenos himself asked her to visit the Hellenic Diaspora for a very important reason: Greeks in the USA, as well as those living in Europe and other continents, pay taxes to the Greek state yet expatriates do not have the right to vote in Greek elections!

“They are concerned about their money and their houses back in the homeland,” she commented, “so Greek parties owe them a visit to discuss their problems.” Adding, “Nea Dimokratia and Pasok, for over 30 years, did not give them the right to vote, but only asked for extra taxes.”

Kountoura’s visit is the first of the “Independent Greeks” in the USA, but Kammenos has already planned the second one…his trip.