Chicago’s Greek Businessmen Discuss Crisis

Some successful Greek businessmen took part in a meeting on April 5th in Chicago to discuss the financial crisis in their homeland.

One of the largest Greek communities in the USA is in Chicago. Some expatriates have left members of their family back home, and visit Greece either every summer or during a holiday like Easter.

Many distinguished  Greek managers participated in the meeting, including John Calamos, President and founder of Calamos Investments, Harold Anagnos, President and founder of investment managers BXA Associates Ltd., and Gus Couchell, owner of Greek Islands Restaurant in the West Loop.

Tom Vabakos, regional manager and business consultant at Paratus Europe, stated that the aim of the discussion was to “provide an unbiased report on the events and reasons that allowed this crisis to escalate.” He added, “Chicago’s Greek community is very concerned about the current financial situation and unrest in Greece.”