American Hellenic Council to Honor Dow CEO Andrew N. Liveris

Andrew Liveris

The Board of Directors of the American Hellenic Council (AHC) will honor Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, with the 2012 Aristeio Award in Business on March 31st. Mr. Liveris is an American business executive of Greek-Australian descent whose 35-year career with Dow began in Australia in 1976. Currently based in Midland, Michigan, Mr. Liveris has been CEO of the company since 2004.

Each year, the AHC celebrates the achievements of dedicated leaders in the fields of politics, business and the arts who have excelled in their area of expertise and/or have made significant contributions to Hellenic causes.

Mr. Liveris was born in Darwin, Australia, to a Greek immigrant family. He is an advocate for the criticality of manufacturing to the long-term health of a nation’s economy. He serves as Co-Chair of President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership and is the author of Make It in Americaa best-selling book released in January 2011, which presents a comprehensive set of practical policy solutions and business strategies that outline the Company’s vision for an Advanced Manufacturing economy.

“We are honoring Mr. Liveris in recognition of his exemplary and dedicated work in successfully leading one of the most prestigious and diversified petrochemical companies in the world and for his commitment to promoting and reviving manufacturing in America,” said Alexander Mizan, Executive Director of the American Hellenic Council. “Andrew Liveris has overseen the transformation of Dow into one of the world’s most successful and innovative chemical companies, despite the global economic crisis. He is an inspiration to Greek business leaders not only in the U.S., but around the world, navigating through challenging circumstances in a complex economic climate.”

Past recipients of the prestigious award include billionaire real-estate investor and philanthropist Hon.George Argyros (2009), Mr. George Marcus, CEO of Marcus and Millichap (2010) and Mr. Van Vlahakis, Founder and CEO of Earthy Friendly Products (2011).

The award ceremony will take place at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, March 31, 2012 and is part of the AHC’s Annual Awards Gala. The other confirmed honoree will be Congresswoman and current Senate Candidate from Nevada, Rep. Shelley Berkley who will be receiving the Pericles Award for her role in politics. For more info visit


  1. Andrew Liveris as well as George Behrakis and so many others who have accomplished much from small beginnings, We of proud Hellenic roots are very Blessed in our inherent ambition, our integrity and our intent to reach out and help others depicting the character and values We hold in this Judeo-Christian Republic we love so much!  During this Easter, let us pray for a world far less complicated, a more stable environment than this continued economic and political uncertainty which causes much anxiety for many as little Hope seems evident as a soaring budget deficit, political parties so devisive in their ways and a veil of desperation settling in among people everywhere, let us pray for peace and harmony as We may be headed for global depression and eventual War!  The reality is becoming clearer as food prices soar, politicians strive to take every penny from our change and we have – enabled – these self-serving “entrusted” public servants to abuse their position, listing for power and a far reaching government dictating to the individual as more and more become dependent on government.

    Bravo Andrew and George and to so many of you, many who are members of the Leadership 100, fellow Hellenes who have worked tirelessly, yet in their appreciation, willing to give back to the community. Mentors to those of us who aspire to truly make a difference to others. In my work to reach out and address global waste water and water purification requirements in a world where some 1 billion fellow humans have little or no access to even a clean glass of water…We must work together and handclasp to those who are indeed less fortunate.

    Bravo Andrew!

    To all, Happy Easter!

    Let us pray….

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645
    [email protected]

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