Greek Embassy in Washington Honors Student Participants in Greek Language Adequacy Exams

The Greek Embassy in Washington honored the students who successfully participated in the Greek Language Adequacy Exams in May 2011, on the day of celebration of Greek Letters and the Feast Day of the Three Hierarchs.

On Sunday, the 22nd of January, Antonis Marmarinos, Counselor for Education of the Embassy of Greece in Washington D.C, gave the Greek
Language Certificates to the students. The attendees of the event included parents and relatives of the students, teachers and school headmasters, as well as colleagues of Antonis Marmarinos, who organized the event.

Also in attendance were the Greek Ambassador, Ioanna Kriempardi, and the chairman the ‘Hellenic Society Prometheas’, Elefterios Karmiris.

Moreover, songs were being presented during the event and the students talked about the significance of the Greek language for them. For them, Greek language acquisition contributes to their attempt to maintain their Hellenic identity.

This event is of great importance for the Greek community in the USA, because it promotes Greek identity and culture within the existing cultures in the USA.

The Education Office of the Greek Embassy in Washington congratulated the students and their parents for their accomplishments.