Greek Yogurt Reinforces Economic Vitality of New York Agriculture

The New York Times piece — “Greek yogurt craze a boon for New York state” — is one of several recent articles in various publications with a common theme: the demand for Greek-style yogurt is growing, and much of it is being made in upstate New York.

In the last six years, sales of Greek yogurt from brands like Fage, Chobani and Oikos, have soared by 2500%, especially among rich East Coast women. And much of that yogurt is made right here in New York State.

Plants making Chobani and Fage, in particular, not only employ 1,240 full-time workers, but they also buy up fifty or more tanker trucks a day of milk from upstate, for each plant alone. For the record, “it takes roughly four gallons of milk to make one gallon of Greek yogurt”, according to the ‘Gothamist’ daily.

Another company, Alpina, “plans to open a plant to the west in Batavia this summer that will make both Greek and Swiss-style yogurt and granola products.”

Right now Greek yogurt has about $1 billion in annual sales (of a total market of $4.1 billion), and its share is expected to keep growing as American firms start getting into the game.