Greek-American Meteorologist to Celebrate 25th Anniversary at WNYW/Channel 5

Television meteorologist Nick Gregory started at WNYW/Channel 5 on December 26 1986. He had left after six-years with CNN in Atlanta when his contract expired.

Area veterans will remember that Rupert Murdoch purchased WNEW/Channel 5 earlier that year from Metromedia, and in March of 1986 the famed call letters were dropped in favor of WNYW.

“I love what I do. I hope that comes across on camera,” Gregory says. “I’ve been a meteorological nut since I was a kid. So, I’d like to think that people have learned to trust me.”

Not only is Gregory the senior meteorologist at WNYW, he is the longest-tenured currently at one station.

All meteorologists or weather anchors have most of the same technology at their fingertips, but not all are as accurate as Gregory. He has been recognized on several occasions as New York’s most accurate TV weather prognosticator.

Those accolades are even more deserved, when you factor in the complicated forecasting that New York City offers.

Gregory, a Greek- American, is married with three children.



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