Greek Shipping Company Admits to Pollution Charges

Piraeus, Greece, headquartered Ilios Greek Shipping Company S.A. has pleaded guilty before the New Orleans federal court for trying to cover up illegal discharges of oil waste into the sea.

According to prosecutors, crew members of the Agios Emilianos, a 738-foot cargo ship that carried grain from New Orleans to ports across the world, have repeatedly discharged oil waste into the sea and falsified documents to cover up the pollution from April 2009 to April 2011.

The Greek company was fined, therefore, to pay a $2 million criminal penalty for violating a federal pollution law and obstruction of justice.

The ship’s master, Valentino Mislang, and chief engineer, Romulo Esperas, previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.

According to MarineLog, the master of the cargo ship, Valentino Mislang, and the chief engineer, Romulo Esperas had both previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges, including destroying computer evidence and instructing crew members to lie during a Coast Guard inspection in April 2011, and falsifying the oil record book and directing the oil waste directly into the sea respectively.

Both men revealed that a senior manager of Ilios had directed them to do so.