19th Annual Scholarships by Athanasiades Cultural Foundation

On Sunday, November 27, 2011 the Athanasiades Cultural Foundation, Inc. presented their 19th Annual scholarships.

The late Maria Athanasiades and Kostas Athanasiades are probably one of the few middle class philanthropists who have given between 25 to 40 scholarships annualy to college students.

The scholarship recipients included: Bridget Barry; Eleni Catsimalis; Ilva Dhimo; Erjona Dhimo; Cathy Dimos; Stavroula Economou; Jason Efthimiades; Philip J. Halikias; Irene Kavalos; Leander Kobolakis; Kleanthie Lathourakis; Kally Labrinos; Anna Lilikias; Anastasia Nitis; Cali Pantazis; Constantina E. Pantelios; Emily Polihrom; Christopher Raia; Michael Skopelitis; Constantinos Stamboulis; Elena Christine Toumaras; Evangelia Tzelios; Shari Tumandao; Christina Vlahos and Maryann Vlahos.

Athanasiades’ family just changed the scope of Greek-American scholarships, by not looking at the income of the students, just academic record and their dedication to Modern Greek language and culture.



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