Hellenic Home Hunting: Greek Real Estate Website to Launch Innovative Television Show

GreekPropertyExchange.com to premiere the first official episode of “Hellenic Home Hunting” in early 2012 - aimed at helping foreigners to search for investment properties in Greece.

Greece and Cyprus’ top real estate and property website, GreekPropertyExchange.com , proudly announces the plans to broadcast the first official episode of Hellenic Home Hunting™(HHH) in early 2012. With the filming of the first pilot episode completed, the popular real estate website has begun the editing and production of the highly-anticipated real-estate show.

GreekPropertyExchange.com has quickly become the leading online search portal for the Greek real estate market, receiving international press from all facets of the media community for its innovative website that helps better market Greece and its properties to the world. Started just over a year ago, GPE has grown with the help of its unconventional marketing approaches that has attracted Greece’s leading real estate agents, independent sellers, property seekers and visitors from more than 120 countries around the world.

Hellenic Home Hunting will be a half-hour documentary-style show that features Greek real estate agents and their home-buying clients as they hunt for that perfect new home in Greece. The idea for the show was inspired by the need to better communicate the process of searching, viewing and buying real estate in Greece and to address the obstacles often presented during the actual buying process. The first episode will feature a married Canadian-Greek couple from Toronto, Canada looking to invest in a summer vacation home. Filmed on site in Stoupa, Messinia, Greece, the couple, Andreas and Bessie Protopapas, started their dream property search during the frigid winter in Toronto, Canada by searching for available properties and the ideal real estate agent using GreekPropertyExchange.com.

In August 2011, the couple, along with their real estate agent, camera crew, show host and GreekPropertyExchange.com representatives, hit the beautiful coast in Stoupa in search of their dream vacation home. Just 2 hours outside of cosmopolitan Athens, the village of Stoupa hosted the entire crew for three full days of filming.

“We were excited to be a part of this new project in hopes of helping to better communicate how easy, efficient and stress-free the home buying process in Greece can be when partnered with the right professionals and agents” said Mary O’Connor, of O’Connor Properties in Kalamata, Greece. “We were contacted by Andreas Protopapas a couple months before he came to Greece, with his wife and three children, to help him line up viewings of homes within their $200K budget.” The camera crew was on hand to capture the meeting between them, the viewings of the properties and the final decision they made. The 30-minute pilot episode is set to be broadcasted on a yet-to-be-determined Greek cable television network in early 2012, followed by targeted webisode releases through the GreekPropertyExchange.com website.

“Hellenic Home Hunting has been a dream concept we have been flirting with even before GreekPropertyExchange.com was officially launched in 2010” said Georgios Stroumboulis, Founder of GPE. “We are passionate about what Greece has to offer to the world and are aggressive in finding creative ways to better communicate that on a global scale to potential visitors and investors. We fully understand the drastic economic crisis going on in Greece right now and are aware of the all the potential negatives with launching this ambitious project during the crisis. With that said, we also know that now, more than ever, we need to contribute in any way we can to help rebuild the reputation of Greece as a stable and viable nation for tourism and real-estate investment.”

The first pilot episode of Hellenic Home Hunting has been funded by GreekPropertyExhange.com. The real estate website plans on working with Greek cable television networks, international media outlets and is looking to partner with potential sponsors to help broadcast this innovative concept and positive showcase of Greece to a broader audience.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the final show. This sounds like its much needed for Greece now. Good luck!

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