74-Year-Old Greek Shipping Magnate Sexually Harasses 24-Year-Old Employee

Adelheid Waumboldt

He is old enough to be her grandfather.

But that didn’t stop Greek shipping magnate Gregory Callimanopulos, 74, allegedly trying to get it on with a pretty 24-year-old female employee.

Petite blonde Adelheid ‘Heidi’ Waumboldt, of Manhattan, has filed a lawsuit against her former boss.

She alleges that he busted in on her while she was changing and chased her around his home naked, according to the New York Post.

The lawsuit Miss Waumboldt filed in Manhattan federal court, claims that Callimanopulos once  grabbed Waumboldt’s face and forced his tongue into her mouth, at which point [she] bit him very hard, enabling her to escape [his] grip.

The 24-year-old said that despite repeatedly rejecting his advances, he would not take the message and allegedly persisted.

Gregory Callimanopoulos

Callimanopulos who is said to keep a two-foot statue of a penis in his office, supported by a spokesman said, “the allegations in that complaint are totally unfounded.’

Miss Waumboldt left the company earlier this year after having worked for one of his firms for three years, according to her LinkdIn profile.  She is now the vice president for Goldmod LLC, a creative consulting firm specializing in branding and marketing with a global perspective.

Callimanopulos, who is an avid art collector, was once married to Annette Stroyberg.
The Greek magnate’s maritime clan are preparing to scuttle his former assistant’s ‘despicable’ allegations of sexual misconduct, according to a shipping news website.
(source: New York Post)


  1. As another Hellene involved in the dry cargo shipping business in the Meditteranean based from Piraeus and while not having met Mr. Callimanopulos, now with three decades in the oil and gas (LNG) business and shipping business, I have met and worked with many such accomplished gentlemen w/much admiration for their excellence in character and commitment to family and business and while I have no idea whether there is any validity in this young woman’s claims, for the most part from what I have seen these many years working the international markets and nurturing relationships w/those who excel, there seems to be this constant preying on those who achieve, men and women who by commitment to discipline and focus like Mr. Callimanopulos achieve a great deal and afford us the opportunity for successful career yet are sought by those willing to make such unfounded assertions without witness or evidence. Again, while I do not know this gentleman or Ms. Waumboldt, at 24 years of age, what was she doing in this gentleman’s apartment?

    While I just came upon this article, what did happen to this case? If anyone knows how this turns out, kindly send me an email as I assume Mr. Callimanopulos’ integrity intact and this young woman as its states, working for another firm….hopefully this unfortunate circumstance has been resolved. God is witness to all and we should all strive to be less self-serving….

    [email protected]

  2. Another report states, without saying why or under what circumstances, that Waumboldt’s suit was dismissed. That, however, could mean two quite opposite things, either that the case was seen to be without merit or that Callimanopoulos paid Waumboldt an amount in settlement in return for her dismissing her case.

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