Message of Honorary SAE President Andrew Athens on October 28th

President and Founder of Hellenicare and Honorary SAE President Mr. Andrew A. Athens sent out a message on the occasion of the October 28th anniversary of “Oxi Day”, underlining that the historic day of the Greek Resistance fight against the Axis Powers continues to inspire in terms of the ideals of freedom and justice.

Furthermore, Mr. Andrews referred to his personal experiences as a student in Chicago at the very day the Greek people refused access on Greek grounds to the Italian invaders.

Among others, Mr. Athens stressed the pride every Greek abroad was feeling at that time for the courageous and patriotic decision of the Greek people.

“The Oxi (No) of the Greek people had been a turning point in the developments of World War II. That little Greek nation showed such a strength and determination to fight off the Axis armed forces, that it made us all proud for being Greeks” commented the Honorary SAE President.

The Greek-American businessman concluded his message by pointing out that the 1940 resistance messages still apply to modern times and are valued by every nation around the world. “Tomorrow’s celebration of the “Oxi Day” in Washington is a tribute to the heroes of the past and modern day fighters promoting human rights and religious freedom” added Mr. Andrews.


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