Greek Fast Food Owner Vs. Utah NBA Lockout

Mike Catsanevas and his family who run the fast food chain known as “Crown Burgers”, are aggravated by the NBA lockout directly affecting their profits in the most negative way.

“Crown Burgers” has 21 locations around Utah and other states but Salt Lake City businesses relying on the local NBA team Utah Jazz to boost profits will witness a serious 25-30% decline due to the lockout.

“Tremendous impact on our business. It’s cutting into us,” said Crown Burger Manager, Mike Catsanevas, who has decided to represent all local businesse owners in an attempt of making everyone involved in the NBA realize what a severe economical blow this lockout means for their businesses.

The restaurant employs 41 workers who rely on Utah Jazz games to pack the parking lots outside the Energy Solutions Arena and the cash machines with money. If NBA games continue to be cancelled Mr. Catsanevas fears he will not be able to survive this time, as he did back in the 1999 last work stoppage.

“People were upset and had a right to be. Everybody needs to be paid for their jobs,” he said. “But how much money do you need to make? Let’s be honest here. Everybody else is suffering (in this economy). I don’t want to bad-mouth players or the owners, but how much money do these guys really need to keep making?” told Mr. Catsanevas the USA Today.

Businesses are hoping the NBA will resolve the lockout before the season begins because even a single lost game means bad businesses for everyone.