Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce Honors Shipowner John Angelicoussis

Greek ship owner Mr. John Angelicoussis was honored by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce as “Man of the Year 2011”. Mr. Angelicoussis sounded optimistic about the future of his country despite all current negative circumstances, underlining that “Greece can never die” but it will come out of the crisis stronger than ever before.

Furthermore, Mr. Angelicoussis called on the hundreds of attending Greek-American businessmen to support the financial development of their home country in these times of need.

The prize was awarded during the 63rd annual dinner dance of the Chamber in a hotel in Manhattan, NYC. Chairman of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce Mr. Michalis Theodorompeakos stressed out that the multiple workings of the Chamber will continue bringing companies and businessmen of Greece and the US together. He also referred to the awarded Greek ship owner as being the leading figure not only in the Greek shipping industry but in the international one as well.

The shipping company of Mr. Angelicoussis consists of 65 tankers and other ocean liners, while 25 new ships are about to be ready for their first overseas journey. The businessman from Chios is indisputably the biggest ship owner in Greece and the whole world, whose entire fleet sails with a Greek flag.

The awarded businessman thanked his family and employees in all ranks for their support and work put into making Astro Group one of the leading powers in the shipping world.

Mr Angelicoussis spoke extensively on the Greek debt crisis, which according to him is the consequence of all former governments’ mistakes. Moreover, he expressed his disappointment about the mass media projection of the Greek crisis as being the only crisis case in the world, while other European countries and the USA face the same problems.