Utah Valley University Presents Modern "Eurydice"

Utah Valley University’s Theatrical Arts Department is presenting through the 5th of November “Eurydice,” the Ancient Greek story of love almost conquering death.

The classic Greek tragedy will be hosted at the Noorda Theatre, UVU campus, under the guidance of Sarah Ruhl, who has adapted the play for stage and also written its dialogues.

The play will be taking on a more modern perspective than the original myth.”In Sarah Ruhl’s version that we are performing, the story is set in a dream-like, surreal version of the 1950s,” said Lisa Hagan, assistant professor of theater history and dramaturgy. “It plays off postmodern images and humorous, contemporary language.”

This particular stage version of “Eurydice” is written from the perspective of the leading lady, Eurydice in Ruhl’s version in comparison to the classic version. The role of Eurydice is being played by Aubrey Bench, a sophomore at UVU who is studying theater performance.

The leading actress said: “We hope people will have an experience to think and examine their own lives. If one person leaves the theater feeling like they have experienced a sense of rebirth, then it was worth it”.