Angeliki Frangou on List of Most Influential Businesswomen

Angeliki Frangou, shipowner and businesswoman secured a very good position on the list of the most powerful businesswomen in the world, according to Fortune magazine.

The new-comer, Angeliki Frangou secured the 50th position of the annual listing of Fortune magazine as being the chairman and chief executive of Navios Maritime Holdings.

This edition of the magazine writes: ” 46-year-old Angeliki Frangou gave her work in Wall Street up in order to undertake the responsibilities of her own shipping company, by raising a capital of worth $200,000,000 in 2004 in order to acquire Navios shipping company.

In a year, she managed to lead her company to the stock market of New York and since then she has raised 3.5 million dollars in share capital and securities. She has also promoted the extension of the company, establishing two more companies and a logistics private one.

She managed to maintain the policy concerning share capitals during the financial crisis, while other shipping companies were imposing cuts.


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