International Tenor Mario Frangoulis to Perform with York Symphony Orchestra

Mario Frangoulis

International Tenor, Mario Frangoulis will be performing with the York Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, November 12, at 8 p.m. The event will take place at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center and it will be the first time the popular Greek singer will perform on stage in York.

The acclaimed tenor and Ambassador for the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, will perform  ‘Vincero Perdero,’ Nights in White Satin,’ ‘Music of the Night,’ and new songs from his latest international album.

Music Director and Conductor, Robert Hart Baker will be directing the much-awaited musical performance which will be an important event for the Horatio Alger Association  of Distinguished Americans. Terrence J. Giroux, the executive director was quoted as saying, “The concert featuring the York Symphony Orchestra and the enormously-talented Mario Franguolis, who has helped raise awareness of the mission and programs of the association for five years, will be an important awareness event.” He added, ” This concert is a time to honor our Pennsylvania and Maryland scholars, and the members who have greatly contributed to the organization to sustain its presence in south central Pennsylvania.”

The Horatio Alger association of Distinguished Americans was founded in 1947, with the aim to honor the acievements of outstanding individuals in society who have succeeded in spite of adversity. It also encourages young people to pursue their dreams through higher education. Mario Frangoulis was named International Ambassador of the association in 2008 because of his love for mentoring and his ability to relate to teens.

As a young child, Mario overcome many challenges himself, including being separated from his parents and striving to become the great singer he is today. By the age of eleven, he was already performing in school theatrical productions, and studied the violin for twelve years. Later, he traveled around the world studying to become a tenor and also became a private student for the renowned tenor Alfredo Kraus. During the nineties, Mario appeared alongside many other famous opera stars and became the first Greek to become a finalist in the Luciano Pavarotti International Competition, in 1994.

Today, he is known not only for his great voice, but also for his charity work. His dedication to worthwile causes especially children in need made him the perfect candidate to sing with Vanessa Williams in the historic Opening Ceremonies of the 2011, Special Olympics in Athens. Through his music, Mario Frangoulis, brings inspiration, hope and compassion to his audiences, and along with the Horatio Alger Assocation, they encourage people to strive for their full potential and exercise their rights to fulfill the aspiration of their souls.


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