American-Jewish Community Joins Annual Washington “Oxi” Day Celebration

Jewish community leaders, policymakers and national opinion leaders will be joining leaders of the Greek American community at the First Annual Washington Oxi Celebration, which will take place October 28th in Washington DC.

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America will be presenting the Oxi Day Archbishop Damaskinos Award at a ceremony on the same day, which recognizes an individual for his or her actions to stop and fight back anti-Semitism or discrimination.

As a young student, Archbishop Demetrios personally knew Archbishop Damaskinos and the award bearing his name is paying tribute to the Greek Archbishop (1891-1949), who served as the spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church of Greece during the Nazi occupation.

Archbishop Damaskinos has been recognized by the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and featured on the front page of Time Magazine for his formal and public condemnation of the persecution and deportation of Jewish Greeks during World War II.

The Archbishop has also saved thousands of Jewish people through his instructions to Greek Orthodox monasteries, convents and churches to shelter Jews and his efforts to provide Christian baptismal certificates to Jews fleeing persecution.

WWII veteran and former Senator Bob Dole will be receiving the Washington Oxi Day Greatest Generation Award on behalf of all of American WWII veterans as part of the celebration.